Selected Works

War Letters Quartet, Piece for two men and two women. In collaboration with musician Katy

Stephan: ODC Pilot Program, San Francisco, CA. March 2011 & Harvest Dance Festival,

Chicago, IL, September 2011

The Space Between Distances, 30 minute work in collaboration with Gretchen Alterowitz.

Featuring live music and interactive video components. Premiered at the Women on the Way

Festival. San Francisco, CA. January 2011.

Convergences, Industrial Piece commission for the American Geophysical Union Awards Show.

Includes interactive video, live performance by classical and contemporary dancers and West

African Musicians. Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, CA. December 2011.

War Letters, Duet in collaboration with musician Katy Stephan

commissioned for Indy Convergence Festival. Also performed: 2nd Sunday,

Dance in the Park San Francisco. MAD BAD Festival, Concord, CA. 2009

tearher, Collaborative Project with Women’s Voices in War Zones, includes a sounds score with

interviews based on a War Zones Essay Project, COUNTERPOINTe- ODC Theatre,

San Francisco, 2003

Obstructing Sidewalk Traffic, Quartet investigating the American women’s

suffrage movement. Collaboration with musicians: Katy Stephan, Gina Green, Amanda Dieck,

and Visual Artist Soo-Hwa Yuan- Women on the Way Festival at the Dance Mission Theatre,

San Francisco. 2005

Don’t Touch My Moustache, Solo involving multimedia projections and original music by Gordon

Rowland based on a political campaign for women’s leadership in Turkey. Spector Dance-

Monterey, Collaboration Dance and Music at the Cowell Theatre, San Francisco. 2008

Veiled, Quartet for four women based on the relationship of women to the burqa in

Afghanistan, for COUNTERPOINTe at ODC Theatre. 2006

Erica Rose Jeffrey

Ligature, Solo and duet with ropes exploring the tensions of cultural tiescollaboration

with musician Sylvain Carton for COUNTERPOINTe at

the Cowell Theatre, San Francisco. 2008 & 2010

Short Dictionary of Misunderstood Words, A trio exploring communication and miscommunication.

Monterey Dance Festival, Monterey, CA. 2005

Farfalle, Collaboration for site specific outdoor performance, original music as part of a

community collaboration with the at-risk youth performance group the Bucket Brigade, Yerba

Buena Gardens Festival, San Francisco. 2004